Kawagoe Girls' High School

 ● Kawagoe Girls' High School  
Kawagoe Girls' High School is filled with the spirit of academic pursuit. The school teaches its students the challenge and pleasure of academic study all encourages students to have the spirit of scientific inquiry. Under the school's atmosphere characterized by the spirit of independence and autonomy that has developed over its century-long history, students spend three years not only studying but also engaging energetically in various activities as independent learners until they graduate. By doing so, they enjoy rich school life every day, trying to grow their competence and discover ther dormant potential.
 ● Education Goals  
1. To nurture an attitude of self-directed learning and especially the ability to think scientifically.
2. To help students train their minds end bodies so that they will become adults with positive attitudes, dignity and high aspirations.
3. To nurture s spirit of friendship and cooperation and strive to develop students into individuals who can contribute to the creation of a just and beautiful society.
 ● Characteristics of the School  
1. Tradition and Innovation
2. Spirit of Independence and Autonomy
3. Equal Emphasis on Academic Learning and Extracurricular Activities
 ● Academic Learning  
Learning Solidified by Saturday Open Classes  
Open classes are held every other Saturday to ensure that required units are earned and adequate classroom time is spent. This enables students to gain solid understanding of advanced and expanded contents without diluting learning content.
 ● Advanced and Enriched Lessons  
So as to enrich teaching content, all teachers devote efforts to research and training. They create diverse and high-quality lesson plans in all subject areas.
 ● Semester System and 65 Minute-long Classes  
Aiming to ensure both efficient academic learning and enriched extracurricular activities, the school adopts a semester system end 65 minute-long classes.
 ● Characteristics of Crriculum  
Aiming to Develop Women with a Broad Perspective   
Students are not divided into humanities and science tracks until their senior year. Except for some elective subjects, all students take the same classes during the first two years of high school. In the senior year, they select a genre and go into either Genre A (humanities) or Genre B(sciences). Within each genre, they can select subjects in accordance with the college major they hope to pursure which allows them to study more advanced and specialized content so that they will be able to pursue their interest into any field of their choice.
 ● SSH at Kawagoe Girls' High School  
Kawagoe Girls' High School was designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2006 to be a Super Science High School (SSH). Since then, the school has implemented a number of successful projects with respect to the "development of female scientist of the next generation" and the "development of women who are well-educated in science."  SSHs are schools that conduct advanced science and math education, designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Spores, Science and Technology. The purpose of SSHs is to develop future scientists and engineers of international caliber by promoting their education that focuses on sciences and mathematics in close collaboration with universities and research institutions.
  After having been a SSH for five years, Kawagoe Girls' Senior High School was once again designated in 2011 to be a SSH for an additional five year period, until 2015. Accordingly, new activities for further growth have been initiated to foster deep and well-rounded scientific knowledge among students.
 ● SSH Class  
SSH class is a class for students who engage in project research throughout the three years in high school. Students who are interested in project research can enroll in the SSH class whether they will be in the humanities or science track.
 ● SSH Programs  
Science Class
Science Tour
Lectures by Guest Speakers
SS Lab and Lectures
Lectures on English-Language Presentations
Science Class for Elementary and Middle School Students
Project Rseach and Accomplishments
 ● Academic and Career Counseling  
To Nurture "Independent Women"
To Help Students Acquire Solid Academic Strengths
Classroom Lectures
Extracurricular Supplementary Lessons for College-Bound Studens
Guidance for Students Wishing to Enroll in Highly-Selective Universities
 ● School Life and Club Activities  
Diverse Activities Nurture the Spilit of Independence and Autonomy
Coexistence wirh Academic Learning
  List of Club Activities
Color Guard
Track and Field
Visual Arts
Suisho-kai(tea ceremony)
Soft tennis
Brass band
Theatrical performance in English
Mountain Climbing
Astronomy and Earth Science
Flower arrangement
String orchestra
Theatrical performance
Koto (Japanese harp)
Japanese archery
Oishimbo (Cooking)
Folk music (Pop)
Kendo (Japanese fencing)
Table tennis
Sado (tea ceremony)
Rhythmic sport gymnastics